Broadcast Online:
How To Do It Professionally

Everything you need to run professional-level online classes

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What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Where everything starts? Choosing the right platform for you and your audience

  • Technical requirements: Minimum Internet speed, cameras, audio, and lighting

  • Broadcast gear: Software vs. hardware solutions: Review of what is on the market, including prices and the pros & cons of each device

  • Setting up the stage: Simple, inexpensive yet professional lighting

  • Configuring your broadcast hardware: Camera, lens, and audio gear

  • Real-time demonstration: Setup and demonstration of the real broadcast

  • Q&A session

    Webinar Host:

    Alex Koloskov

    Founder and instructor of the largest online school for product photographers – we teach over 50,000 photographers worldwide.


    Read more about Alex here



    Who is this webinar for?

    • Teachers and Trainers

      Everything you were doing at your studio or school is possible to do online – I'll show you how.

    • Artists

      Reaching out to an online audience opens up a huge area of self-realization and increases your exposure as an artist. 

    • Professionals who are ready to share their experience

      You love what you do and you do it better than anyone else. Find people who are ready to learn from you!

    Included in this offer

    • Webinar video recording

      Full-length, quality HD video of the webinar:

      • Pros/Cons of every device discussed
      • Live demo of the working setup
      • Q&A through the whole webinar
    • List of equipment

      PDF presentation with links to devices needed for professional quality broadcast:

      • Software/hardware encoders
      • HDMI Switchers
      • Splitters
      • Video capture cards
      • Cameras, lenses and lighting
    • Wiring diagrams

      We included wiring diagrams for most popular types of broadcasts:

      • Camera + Desktop (Pic-in-Pic style, software and hardware broadcaster)
      • Multiple cameras + Desktop (soft/hardware broadcaster)

      All setups will work with Zoom, Skype, Google Meetup and other platforms


    What do you need to know about this webinar:

    • 1. How much the registration cost?

      The webinar regular price is $25, but we are giving it away for free during this 24 hours promotion.

    • 2. Is this a recorded or live webinar?

      This webinar was recorded and now we offer it to download in HD quality.

    • 3. What if I have questions after watching this webinar?

      You can post your questions on the download page and we'll make sure all your questions are answered.

    • 4. What if I won't find this webinar helpful?

      We offer 100% money back guarantee on your purchase. However, if you receive this webinar for free, you'd have to live with it:-)

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